Why Should You Work With Us?

You may be wondering why anyone would do business with a little agency in the heart of Africa – it’s a valid question!

The following five points are what make the difference when you work with us:

Relationships are everything

Success for us means delivering results through a long-term relationship with you. It’s why you’ll deal directly with the Managing Director, rather than a newbie “Account Manager”. It’s why we’re happy to call a meeting at any time, and it’s why we’re happy to give that little extra and not be sticklers for scope.

Results are a close second

What is our relationship and work worth if it doesn’t deliver results? We work hard to ensure that our inputs are generating the right outcomes for your business. We’re not about glossy slideshows, slick jargon and the latest SEO fads – we’re about results – as you define them.

Conversions come before code

All the technical SEO wizardry in the world is useless if visitors aren’t converting on your website. We use our conversion rate optimization (CRO) experience to strike the balance between a page that is perfectly technically optimized vs conversion optimized. The only person more important than you in our relationship is your customer.

Risk management is mission-critical

Any form of SEO carries risk of penalization from Google – it’s the (sad) reality of organic search in 2015. We harness the expertise from our sub-company, Penalty Pros, to ensure we push the envelope without tearing the paper.

Vilfredo Pareto was a wise man

Every day some “SEO Guru” is coming out with a new theory, analysis or tool which they propose is the “future of SEO”. We act as your filter, focusing on the 20% of SEO that delivers 80% of the results. Distractions will always exist – it’s our job to keep your site on course.

PS – You probably won’t like us very much…

We’re not afraid to say the things that will likely make you uncomfortable. The things that need to change, but you’ve been putting off. It’s all for the good of your site, and your business – and it’s because we want you to succeed.

We will rock the boat. In a good way.